Looking to fill positions in your company, but can’t find enough promising candidates through traditional means? Have you been disappointed after hiring people who have good grades from good colleges, but aren’t as good as you hoped? Look no further than SwanStaff.

SwanStaff began when a group of entrepreneurs came together with two goals. The first was to provide quality employees to companies. The second was to give highly skilled people who lack four-year degrees a way to get a “foot in the door.” This means giving them the opportunity to be looked at by major corporations for entry level positions.

Too often today, employers comb through hundreds of resumes that look good on paper, but are disappointing in the workplace. That is where SwanStaff comes in. Using thorough evaluation of a candidate’s resume and references, we seek to find the best employees possible. We also focus on the workplace environment. How well an employee does in a workplace depends not only on their skills, but also how well they fit in with their workplace. Another area that sets SwanStaff apart is our use of tests for ability evaluation. Through our tests, we are able to evaluate the capability of candidates for everything from managerial ability to customer service skills.

We at SwanStaff pride ourselves in looking outside the box of traditional applicants to find you the employees who will serve your company best. Instead of looking only at aspirants who have a four-year degree, we shift our focus to people who have proven skills and ability. This may mean candidates who have two-year degrees or in some cases little to no college experience. Whether it be IT or manufacturing, customer service, sales, or managerial duties, our candidates will have real world experience in their particular job field and are proven to do well. We search for candidates who have the experience and ability you want.